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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Pronoia Day One

Proof of Pronoia As Evidenced Today
1. Existence of Counter Culture Chocolate Cake
2. Prairie Chickens Unharmed on Agua Fria (see earlier entry from today)
3. Possibly vegan birthday cake. See #4 under paranoia
4. Cute smiling child by Video Library. (Although maybe this belongs under paranoia. Not sure someone else having smiling happy child is proof that the world is conspiring to make me happy. Just that person. Or perhaps that child).

Proof of Paranoia As Evidenced Today
1. Telephone
2. Emails
3. Stupid jerky guy seen while buying chocolate cake
4. Vegan Cake served for vegan employee's birthday (although maybe this should be under pronoia as I wasn't forced to eat vegan cake on account of having CC delicious cake and also made office laughing when I yelled "Brian's birthday cake is people."