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Thursday, July 14, 2005


The blocbusta party SFR cohosted last night at The Hideaway (which is at Pachanga, kind of behind it) was very well attended and fun and by the time I got home I had a bag full of invites to other art openings this week. The whole schedule of things going on this week is way too extensive for me to reprint in full, but you can find the schedule on the blocabuster Web site, so that works out, eh? And do check out the Web site which was designed by the very talented Geet Who Has a Last Name I'm Sure But God Knows What It is.
There's a lot going on this weekend folks, especially Saturday night, but I will be calmly ensconsed at The Opera which should be lovely.
Finally, I should mention, one more time, that while SFR has cosponsored blocabusta (which I manage to spell differently every time I mention it) and there are lots of artists involved, SFR's Arts and Culture Editor Zane Fischer has been the main moving SFR force on it (I have nothing to do with it besides mentioning it here. I actually can't even explain what it is. This is why Zane needs his own blog), and so a shout-out to Zane Fischer! A shout out now. Also, since he's not in any of the pictures from last night's event, here's a photo of him from last year (or the year before?) when he posed with a travelling beauty contestent winner who was in Santa Fe to hawk Santa Fe potato chips (I must get back to Best Of, otherwise I would go into more detail on that. On second thought, that's pretty self-explanatory isn't it?)