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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

On My Mind

It is 9:15 am. I have no memory of falling asleep last night but I did. In My clothes, with my cell phone buried somewhere in the bed sheets. The last thing I remember was talking on the phone to Darius about meeting up with him and Dan later in the evening for a drink. Hmm. Guess I was tired. Maybe I still am. Scatter-brained. Need to make Wed. morning editorial meeting agenda. And return phone calls. And deal with horrible snail-mail mailbox which looks like it is about to collapse.

Thoughts this morning consist of:

1. Glad it's cold and windy. Sick of summer. Sick of T-shirts. Sick of long days. Ready to have it be dark at 4 pm. Mood will pass. Still, glad it's not hot.
2. There is something in my eye.
3. Hegel's "Master and Servant" concept. Clearly true.
4. Hobbes' "The Human Race is Base" concept. Still on the fence, but seems true this week.
5. Pasqual's "The Heart has its reasons, which reason knows not." Possibly true, possibly just neurotic.
6. Vegetarian Sub at Backroad Pizza best sandwhich ever. Love it.
7. Kant: "Categorical Imperative." Alliterative, but possibly not up to the vagaries of the 21st century.
8. Email: Makes it possible to reconnect with old friends. Still, too much of it. Spam is ridiculous. I do not have problems with premature ejaculation. Isn't there some way to let the Spamming World know this?
9. I need to find a piano and start practicing again. Can't believe I've become girl who gets her nails done.
10. Am not in party mood. And yet big party tonight awaits.
11.I have no real problems.