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Monday, July 18, 2005

off the phone

No, I wasn't on the phone this whole time, but I am just scrambling around like a crazy person and kicking myself for forgetting camera. Feel that to blog about weekend without photos takes away point of taking photos. Can not even manage to get through New York Times' articles on Karl Rove situation, despite starting them over and over again. Best Of Santa Fe looming in scarily. Heartbeat weirdly accelerated. Thought it was from stress, but may be just from Dite Coke habit that has mysteriously resurfaced. Should drink some water. Hate drinking water, but hated being on IV from dehydration for four hours more. Desk scary. Oh well.
If you missed it, check out:

this NYT article about Rove, that looks at the history of aides who were "indispensable"
This accompanying article about the art of saying "no comment also is good. One of my favorite personal anecdotes (OK, favorite might be stretching it) is that one time I was interviewing a former city councilor and asked him for his opinion on something and he asked to go off the record. I allowed it and he said, "I don't know," at which point I yelled at him for going off the record to say he didn't know. Off the record isn't the same as no comment, obviously, but I am slightly thrilled at the way the strange and particular vernacular of journalism has risen to center stage alongside the Bush/Rove fiascos. It's interesting.
I may have to break down and buy the new Harry Potter in hardback. That would contribute to an impressive windfall for the author.
OK, I'm going back to work now.