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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

my weekend in low resolution

It's sad how low-rez the photos on my phone are. I guess I am going to have to bite the bullet and buy a digital camera, or start borrowing The Reporter's camera on a regular basis. At any rate, this was my attempt to capture some of the color from the wedding I attended Saturday night of Daniel Kovnat and Clementine Wood but, as you can see, they are terrible. I took some photos of US Rep. Tom Udall, D-NM and his wife Jill Cooper, but they turned out so badly (because I was trying to snap them without them noticing) that I'm not going to bother posting them. Udall and Jill always seem so happy to see me I can't quite figure it out, but perhaps it's because they are politicians (ya think). Jill also introduced me to Judy Blume, which was kind of exciting, except I really didn't get to talk to her (and was very worried I might blurt out, at any moment, "Are you there God? It's me, Julia." I didn't). The wedding was very sweet, though, and I got to see Kate Winslow, pictured here with Jamie Blosser (although they both are very fuzzy. In the picture, that is). Also went to Los Lobos, which was a lot of fun. This is a picture of Dan and Jonanna smoking in the smoking area of the Los Lobos show, which was the dugout at the park. I realize, as far as pictures go, this isn't too inspiring, but I wanted to document things somehow. After the show, a slew of us went to The Cowgirl. Also went there Saturday night, after the wedding, and saw a great band out of Taos Honest Abe, who I hope come back soon. They were really good (and you can get some mp3s of them on that site, so check it out). Also have to say Senor Lucky's, the new place replacing The Palace, is looking very nice. I just stopped in Friday night to the patio to check it out, but it looks great, and had a nice South Beach vibe to it (the place, not the diet). Am predicting, as of now, that the Cuban thing that swept LA and NY two years ago is hitting Santa Fe this summer, at least based on what I've seen this weekend.
Yesterday, convinced my cupcake to excersize ratio was heading in a bad direction, I hiked Atalaya. Good idea in theory, hot as all get out in reality. Also, it's unbelievably eroded up there since the last time I hiked it. Sort of unpleasantly so. Went to Tom Sharpe, of The New Mexican's, Fourth BBQ, which was lovely as usual. Then, for reasons I can't quite explain, left before tbe fireworks, went to a party downtown where you couldn't see any fireworks, and headed back to the southside just in time to get caught in all the post-fireworks traffic. Dan thought the bright side to this was we got to sit in heavy traffic blasting music like we were in LA. I did not see this as much of a bright side, although it didn't last long and the company was good (and the music, of course).
So, now it's July 5. There are sixty new laws on the books, another hot day brewing, a huge amount of work to get done today (these three-day weekends are way over-rated), but I haven't chipped my manicure yet (it's been 3 days. That's, like, totally a record) and it's a 4-day week. So I guess I'll hit it until it hits me back. As you were!