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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

my day so far

6 am: cell phone alarm goes off in weird new-age music way I swear to God I didn't program.
6:03 am: pedometer goes off, chirping: "It is 6:03 am! Welcome to Week Seven." How is it possible I have only been walking with pedometer for seven weeks? Feels like it has been at least 7 years.
6:15 am: Make coffee, pet dogs, shake head vigorously to try to wake up. Put aloe vera on horrible sunburn affecting only weird portions of body.
6:25 am: Take dogs on walk, spend most of the time trying to drag them away from garbage.
6:50 am: Walk down the street and feed friend's two one-eyed cats.
6:55 am: Go for run, which turns into brisk walk, as running movement appears to aggravate horrible sunburn. Put ipod on shuffle but it keeps playing Aimie Mann. Feel mildly depressed and switch to Chingy, "Bagg Up."
7:40 am: Get back home, shower, get dressed, realize have only one clean shirt to wear and pick that one, make sure dogs have enough food and water, ask oldest dog to stop bringing kibble in my bedroom and hiding it in corners.
8:05 am: Finally leave house. Can not understand why there is always weird 20 minute lag time between being ready to go and actually getting in car.
8:10-8:30 am: Take West Alameda downtown. Listen to Scizzor Sisters, "Comfortably Numb" cover over and over again.
8:40-9 am: Read email. Includes funny one from Joe Monahan and AOL greeting card wishing me a Happy Chocolate Day. Scan local blogs. None are updated yet.
9:05 am: Borrow money out of petty cash and go down street to buy overpriced, but delicious, bran muffin at Ecce.
9:10 am: Come back to work and make list of things to do today: June budget payment; read resumes; work on Best of Santa Fe; make agenda for 10:30 am meeting.
9:20 am: Read morning daily paperss
9:25 am: Finish reading them. Even less news than usual. Both daillies top of the fold are stories about affordable housing with big pictures of Plaza music scene below them.
9:26 am: Decide to blog quickly before day overtakes me.
9:29 am: Get to work!