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Friday, July 08, 2005

Just got back from taping the show I cohost for Channel 16 (formally Channel 8), "7 Days in Santa Fe." You can see it tonight at 5:30 pm. Anyway, got back here and realized I had taped the entire show with my shirt on inside out. Classy. Used to do more for public access (legislative coverage; election coverage). Found out today that, allegedly, the former city clerk told public access TV that the city didn't want me hosting city coverage anymore. That really hurts my feelings (no it doesn't). What else? There is a Palestinian journalist arriving here imminently to talk to me. Went to the planning commission meeting last night, the one where they gave a thumbs up to the super walmart. Don't want to write too much about it as I plan to have stuff in next week's paper. Suffice it to say, I think the dailies left me plenty of things to write about. Hmm. Well, maybe I'll write more on that later.