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Friday, July 29, 2005

I really don't understand what is going on with Santa Fe's state senator, John Grubesic. I do know that public officials need to be available to newspapers when they are looking for comment, and make every attempt to show a good face to the public. Grubesic's voting record and his work in the first Legislature probably closely approximated the kind of representation Santa Fe wants; it's a letdown to the public, then, to have to read about his cursing at police officers. And it's the public he should be thinking about, they are the ones who elected him.
On another note, Rob Brezsny wrote me to let me know I'm not quite grasping the idea behind pronoia, which is not that the world is conspiring to make me happy (clearly) but to shower me with blessings. And blessings, one might gather, do not necessarily manifest as things that are going to make me happy. They could, in fact, be things that are making me quite unhappy but will ultimately be good for me. I think of that as "object lessons." Whatever the case, I wouldn't mind something just nice happening for once. I've had enough yin with my yang for the time being.
Spanish Market is this weekend. I tend to avoid downtown during the big markets. I'm planning to do as little as possible this weekend. Doing my laundry sounds about right. And lying around Darius' pool and trying to force feed his cat who seems to be on a hunger strike of some sort (it's been verified the cat is not sick. I think he misses Darius who has been travelling a lot this summer. I joked to Jonanna that maybe we should go on a hunger strike whenever Darius is out of town).
I also plan to try to avoid road construction. I can't believe the St. Francis road construction continues until the end of October.