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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

the big u.g.h

I feel like crap. I am almost definitely, maybe 95.7 percent definitely, getting sick. Which isn't even an option. Also read new Harry Potter book already. 700 pages or so, but kids' pages. Big type. Still. Now I am reading this book and it's not helping my frame of mind. Will be glad when Best of Santa Fe is over. Should not have gone out last night, although wasn't out very late. Went to Garrett's Desert Inn, G-Spot, whatever, on Old Santa Fe Trail, which is where Chicanobuilt has set up camp four days a week for a variety of DJd music. Actually it's very pleasant there. We sat outside, the music was the right volume (you could hear it and hear other people. Amazing!). and the drinks were cheap(ish. Not bowling alley cheap, but cheap for downtown Santa Fe). Also very nice man who works there who appears as if by magic whenever you need something. Matches? A new drink? Quarters for pool? I wish I could hire him over here and he could magically appear when I needed something. Muzzle? Lobotomy? Shiatsu?