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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Best de Santa Fe

Well, The Best Of SF issue is on the street, and the party went off (and, yes, there were several things I'd forgotten to do, which meant that from 4 pm on I became a little frantic and a lot bossy. On the bright side, adrenelin is the most powerful drug there is. On the downside, I feel like keeling over at the moment). Also, the photos I took last night were not too hot. Here's a few.
The party seemed to go well last night. Swig is so big that it was really as though several parties were going on at once. Here you can see the crowd down in the Red Room.
the greeters
Honey, Jonanna, Zane and Sylvie took over the meet and greet duty for the final shift of the evening.
king george & automatic
This is DJ King George and DJ Automatic. Both of them DJd after 9 pm when the party officially ended. DJ Dynamic, who was the DJ for the party (and who won Best DJ as DJ Arrow in our contest) is not pictured because I didn't take a photo of him. Smooth.
interns & astroturf
These are our two former SFR interns, Colleen and Delores who, if I'm not mistaken, did not really know one another until the photo was taken in the ladies' bathroom at Swig which is, as you can see, decorated in astroturf.
me & astroturf
I was kind of running on fumes all evening. I think this photo of me above in the astroturf bathroom at Swig pretty well represents how I felt.
The lighting kind of blots out the faces, but here is the Aware gang: Kitten, Weston and Jeff. I have had both my nose and navel pierced by Kitten at Aware and I would highly recommend going there for all your body alteration needs. They are very sweet folk.
seƱor luckys
Here's the crowd at Senor Luckys. Looking at the camera on the far right is Daniel (spacing on last name) from the affordable housing organization (spacing on that name as well. I wish people didn't have last names). He and I had a long philosophical conversation last night. I don't remember what it was about exactly, but I'm sure I was fascinating.
It was fun. And now it's over. Which means no more big SFR parties until Halloween. Unless I'm forgetting about something, which is entirely likely at this point.