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Thursday, July 07, 2005

anonymous sources, bill richardson and the usual superficial crap

Hmm. Steve Terrell does a great job explaining the link between NY Times reporter Judith Miller's incarceration and Gov. Bill Richardson in case you're fuzzy on why, once again, New Mexico has a tie to a big national story. We did so much Wen Ho Lee reporting. I wish some of it were online so I could link to it. Well, when I say "we," I should say "me" as I wrote most of it. Hmm. I don't know. I guess I should re-read what I wrote myself and try to recreate what I thought at the time. OK, I'll stop being full of shit. I know at the time I believed, 100 percent, that Richardson was involved with the leak. But I didn't have a huge reason to think that... except that, at the time, I believed the NYT wouldn't go forward with such damaging accusations unless they felt pretty freaking confident, and I couldn't imagine a source one would feel more confident about naming a DOE employee as a potential spy than the DOE Secretary. I'm an Occam's Razor kind of girl that way. Well, perhaps time will tell.
In other news, turn-out at the pre Walmart protest meeting was pretty light. I'm surprised Santa Feans aren't more up in arms about this super walmart. Or maybe I'm not surprised at all. On the one hand, people may be thinking, we already have a walmart. Still, shouldn't they be thinking, on the other hand, why do we need another 150,000 big box Walmart? Perhaps on that ever-useful third hand they are thinking: eh, south side, who cares what happens there. Or perhaps that's just me spouting cynical. But, I have to say, it certainly seems as though downtown development garners a heck of alot more activism than southside development does. Yet, as I say that, I should note, that the people organizing The Coallition to Limit Big Box Stores in Santa Fe, a 4-week old organization, were very smart and articulate. And they'll be protesting in front of city hall at 5:30 pm, so if you care about this stuff, swing by. I believe Stewart Udall is supposed to be in attendence.
What else? I'm getting lots of rest and exersize, which is good but, well, boring. Also, I seem to have lost that freaking pedometer. OK, better get to work.