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Friday, July 29, 2005

ah miami

Every now and then, when I think of leaving Santa Fe (18 years and counting), the place I most often imagine going is Miami. I have no idea why. (Although I fear it's probably related to having guiltily enjoyed this movie) I've never been to Miami, but for some reason I always think of it and imagine there might be some level of journalism akin to what I've found here. Plus an ocean (and some hurricanes). Anyway, I'm likely never moving to Miami. I'm probably going to live on the southside of Santa Fe until the end of time. But I have been following, with baited breath (that can't possibly be the right spelling. Bated breath? Hold on, must look up—Ok, that's right: bated breath).
this crazy saga going down in Miami. When journalists start signing petitions, you know the shit has hit the fan.