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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

tick tock

Am sitting waiting for pages. Went outside to have a smoke when John Coventry ambled by and told me yet another movie is shooting on the Plaza right now. We had just tracked down another movie-star rumor this morning (you can pick up the paper and find out which one tomorrow), but I didn't know anything about that one.
I guess it's summer in Santa Fe: movies shooting everywhere and every other road blocked off for no apparent reason. Was sad/surprised to hear The Palace is undergoing another renovation to a more family-friendly restaurant environment. At least the naked Indian picture will remain.
Am feeling weirdly geared up. Every time I go to AAN something crazy happens in Santa Fe while I'm gone.
Last night I did something I rarely did, which is watch television. I sort of like to watch it to keep up on what is happening out there in the mainstream world, such as it is, but I also hate to because it gives me a headache and makes me feel exhausted and depressed. The craziest thing were these new Army commercials. A father meets his son at the train. His son is home from The Army. The dad looks at him and says "you've changed, you just did two things you've never done at the same time. Shook my hand and looked me in the eye." Then it fades out and you get some Army slogan like, "help them be strong" or something. Really repugnant. Like, here's a new way to appeal to people to enlist. Hey, parents, you screwed up raising your kids, give them to us and we'll send them back with manners… you know, assuming they come back. Jesus.
Also saw a really bad new show called The Closer with Kyra Sedgewick, where she plays (I think, I wasn't paying total attention) a CIA-trained police interrogator who comes to LA to be in charge of a new homicide unit. She's a southern belle, except with a bad personality and soon everyone hates her, but soon after that they really respect her, because she figures out an entire crime! The crime consists of the murder of a woman who was really a woman pretending to be a man killed by the woman he was having an affair with once she realized he was a she because she was Catholic and NOT A LESBIAN. We learn all this solely through Kyra's exposition, watched with overacted admiration by the other cops on the other side of the glass, whose expressions are supposed to convey their sudden realization that HEY, THIS WOMAN IS A BITCH BUT SHE JUST SOLVED THIS TOTALLY CRAZY CRIME. Blech. It was so bad I felt sure my brain was going to explode at any moment. No more TV. Just HBO, where a little something called character develpment apparently still exists.
Now, on to bigger and better issues: what am I going to read on the beach? Just got a new book on WalMart but, gosh, that doesn't sound very beach like.