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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


1. It's raining like gangbusters. Thank God. It was way too hot yesterday and last night and I actually had to turn on the AC for the first time in two years.
2. Have finally caught up on the papers I missed while in SD to learn that a. Gov. Richardson evaded ABQ police while his driver was speeding; b. the GOP has taken out an ad accusing the guv of having a personal makeup artist and c. they may be right as the gov's staff has apparently doubled.
A few thoughts on the Bill Files as noted. While I'm sympathetic with the constraints of the speed limit, and have fallen prey to it myself a few times, this doesn't set a very good example, particularly from an official on TV all the time expounding about how people have to follow the law. How about this for ad copy: "You speed, you evade the police, you lose." Second, a makeup artist would explain the orange tint.
3. Am plowing through assignments for Best Of Santa Fe. Ah the special, special issues. Am jealous of staff writer Nate Dinsdale's shirt today which reads: My mom thinks I'm special. Have decided not to make joke about it.
4. Ate breakfast burrito this morning as opposed to normal coffee/cigarette breakfast and now feel sick. I think my body no longer knows how to deal with food that doesn't come in shrinkwrap.
5. Email is down AGAIN. Am huge NONFAN of Mcleoud and will dance wildly the day we dump them as ISP.
6. Missed Six Feet Under last night because went to Cowgirl with friends. Was tempted to stay home and watch but have personal creed about not blowing off real people for fake TV people, even when tempted.
7. Freelancer Dan Frosch is working on upcoming story that is going to kick ass and am very excited.
8. San Diego blogpost posted on AAN and hope this drives traffic which appears to have plummeted a bit in my absence. Out of blogsight, out of mind.
9. Am missing beach wildly and hope to finagle visit to sister on Hermosa Beach without seeming too opportunistic, although hard to fool person with whom one shared bedroom for 16 years.
10. Am procrastinating next task having just sent Outtakes through to design, hence very silly top 10 post which didn't even cover my huge sadness at The Paramount closing next week and all the great shows I saw there. On bright side, new pool room at Cowgirl is totally DOPE.