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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


OK, I'm actually out of here. Or at least have done all I can do, minus the dozen or so things I could have done but didn't. San Diego here I come. The ironic nature of the fact that I'm moderating a talk on newsroom management has not been lost on me. Gosh, I used to be so organized. Damn writers missing deadlines and word counts. That will be my advise. Always blame the writers. Actually, we do pretty well here on the deadline front most of the time. But, as of now, my only deadline is to get on a plane tomorrow morning. And I ain't missing that one. Latah.
PS: If you misssed the block party last week, you can find photos of it in the paper tomorrow. Including a particularly unpleasant one of me wearing what I think of as my "global warming" face.