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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

modern technology, old-fashioned journalism

First things first. Have just downloaded itunes 4.9 so that I can now podcast, although I have no plans to podcast myself (feel, strongly, that the last thing I need to do is create my own radio show.) Am, however, apparently going back on the air on Channel 8 (although it's not Channel 8 anymore, um, whatever public access is) starting next Friday with old 7 Days show that used to be on a few years ago. But more on that later. Maybe. Am slightly confused about podcasting, but I'm sure, as with most technology things, I'll understand it better after I play around with the software and see what it is. I never understand technology things when I read about them, as I have noted, quite tediously, in previous posts.
So, more bad news for journalists with confidential sources after a federal appeals court yesterday told several reporters they have to say who their sources were in the Wen Ho Lee case. Now, we wrote quite a bit about that case (which I'd link to if it was online, but it isn't!), and I agree The New York Times has plenty to answer for in the Lee case but I don't think reporters should have to give up their sources to help someone, anyone, in a civil case. I don't think they should be forced to give them up at all, for that matter, but certainly not in these circumstances when clearly there must be other avenues to find that information (even if the court says there isn't. Someone else always knows).
In other news, journalist Silja JA Talvi who, most recently, wrote the very fine article for us on Christian programming in NM prisons has a new article in In These Times you should all read, as well as a recent radio interview she did, also on the topic of women in prison.
Shit, late for managers' meeting!