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Thursday, June 30, 2005

live 8

ok, just posted the technorati tag about Live 8 on my blog (although I guess I'll take it down in a few days after the event is over). Also, have to say, not overly impressed with Clear Channel and Journal Pavilion's role in this. I mean, donating ticket proceeds is great but, jeez, Motley Crue? Not to mention, Clear Channel? Also, you know, I'm all for ending poverty, and online activism etc., etc., but, I have to say, having been at Live AID in Philli in 1985 (hey, it's where I grew up), I'm sorry but that was the shit and the artists lined up for Live 8 just ain't the same. Jesus, I sound like I'm 85 years old! Well, I don't think I'm going to head to the Pavillion for any hard rock, but maybe I'll wear my Live AID T-shirt on July 2 in support. Yes, I still have it. I still have my ticket stub too.