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Friday, June 03, 2005

farewell to itchy arms & stories worth reading

It is 5 pm and I will be leaving shortly. Books story is written and I even invented a new word in the writing of it (yes, the English language was injured in the creation of this article). You can find it in SFR's Summer Guide, hitting the streets Wednesday, June 8. And that evening you can find me, numerous other SFR staffers and, hopefully, boatloads (SUV loads?) of other Santafesiños at SFR's block party. Mark your calendar!
Now, as to the post title of this Farewell to Friday post. There is some kind of mosquito type creature in the office and it has bitten me twice in the last hour. I am super allergic to bug bites and am now all swollen and exhausted. OK, I don't think the exhaustion has anything to do with the bug bite. I am going to go home and lie down. Pedometer is already at 10,000 steps so I don't have to walk after work, although, perhaps, I should. Am maybe going to hit town later…assuming I wake up at reasonable hour and don't have crazy 16-hour sleeping jag. Quiet weekend ahead, I think. Not much on the books, nor is there a whole lot of excitement brewing in SF cultural life, although who knows. I am definitely going to the pool tomorrow. I don't care if it's SNOWING. Before I depart (and while my ipod recharges and collects the new Common album, here are a few stories worth reading IMO before the week begins anew and, with it, more news, more news, more news.

1. story about the LANL blogger retiring who created LANL The Real Story blog.

2. This story from on how ipods represent globalization which I liked, partly because I find the topics interesting and partly because I may be obsessed with ipods.

3. This story about Jon Tester and Pearl Jam in the very fine online magazine New West

4. This truly disturbing story about how the Justice Department wants to get info on customers from ISPs"

5. This article about The BBC documentary, "The Power of Nightmares", a BBC documentary on the war on terrorism that can't find a US distributor.

And if that don't all cheer you up, go buy the new Common album!