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Thursday, June 30, 2005

drinking liberally

I think someone should start a drinking liberally in Santa Fe. And when you do, be a doll and let me know.
So, in about half an hour I'm heading to the Blockabusta event, which is being co-sponsored by SFR and for which Arts and Culture Editor Zane Fischer is an organizer, and which is part of Studio Site Santa Fe which is basically an outreach by SITE to young members, and also is being cosponsored by SFR, as well as blu102. (I know, it sounds confusing). Anyway, it's basically just fun is what it is. Good old-fashioned multi-media Santa Fe cross-organizational contemporary art with drinks and food fun. Have to say, though, my plan is to go at 5:30 and then hightail it across town to start CAT DUTY. Kate Winslow, our former food editor, is in town right now for a wedding we're all going to Saturday and she said she'd see me there and when I said I wasn't going to stay long she looked skeptical and said, "Really? There's free drinks, right?" Seems bad sign that people who haven't lived here for a YEAR think the prospect of my leaving somewhere with free drinks early is unlikely. You know, for the record, I don't actually drink very much, mostly because I have no alcohol tolerance, but also because I, um, just don't. Sorry, lost my train of thought. Or possibly my conviction.
On a totally different tip, if you haven't finalized your weekend plans yet, I think it's worth checking out Los Lobos on July 3. Come on! Fort Marcy Ballpark! Long weekend! Family fun! Santa Fe!