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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

cut cut cut

That's what I've been doing all morning. My lecture to writers last week about word counts had some impact, but not quite enough. Hence: cut, cut, cut. Good stuff, though. Make sure to get the paper tomorrow. In the meatime, I just attempted——and failed——to eat the world's nastiest sandwich from Whole Foods. I hate to sound obsessed with WF but, well, I don't understand why the deli stuff can't be better. Why is it all so oily and greasy? Why are the sandwiches so untasty? As someone who would rather not eat than cook I will tell you it is not hard to make a good sandwich. Just use good bread, fresh ingredients and don't put oil all over everything. Also, why do I buy them when I know I'm going to throw them out uneaten and feel sick after three bites? This is not just me being finicky. If you came over and saw this sandwich you, too, would refuse to eat it. Why am I writing a blog entry about the sandwich I just threw away? Hmm. In less banal news, New Mexico Business Weekly gave us a shout out for our wins at the AAN conference last week. Yay. OK, back to cutting, cutting, cutting.