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Thursday, June 23, 2005

candlelight dinners, confusing news stories

birthday boyMy friend Donnan kindly invited me, last night, to a lovely dinner party. I have this great luck in life that despite being a picky eater, a vegetarian and someone more inclined to skip a meal than go to the grocery store, I have very nice friends who frequently invite me to dinner and prepare special food for me to eat. Donnan is at the top of this list and dinner included: vegetarian shishkobobs, corn on the cob, salad, other stuff, plus really delicious desert. Two of the attendees were Aspen Ballet dancers now in a company in Sweden, one of whom is originally from Santa Fe. Plus, the night was warm and breezy, Donnan's house overlooks Don Gaspar Avenue and there was plenty of nice wine (and no deadly blue drinks). Thus, despite still being in the sleep-deficit arena, I feel slightly less sandy-eyed than yesterday, although the amount of work on my desk right now makes me feel like weeping. I am looking forward to, however, lunch with one Alexandra, who was my intern five years ago and has now just graduated from The American University in Paris and is home for some brief time.
Now, onto a totally unrelated story. Today's Journal Santa Fe's top story, State Jet Will Still Take Students Home is very weird. First off, the paper version of the paper has that headline, plus a subhed that reads: Gov. Says Journal Report was Wrong. The online versions' headline reads: Students Can Still Fly Home. The story begins by making it clear that the guv's press release blasted The Journal story and said it was wrong and inaccurate. The story then points out that the interview on which the original story was based, with New Mexico School for the Blind and Visually Impaired Supt. Dianna Jennings, had been tape-recorded. Now I suppose, arguably, that sentence is all any reasonable person needs to understand that the Journal is saying, "we didn't get it wrong. We recorded the conversation." But nowhere in the story does The Journal say, "we stick by our story." It goes through each point that's questioned, but in such a way that, really, it's very, very hard to understand. In fact, all I can get out of any of this is that the Journal wrote a story saying kids wouldn't get to use the state jet to go home on weekends, but actually they will. So either the Journal 1. got it wrong. 2. Got it right 3. Got some of it right and some of it wrong. Regardless, it sounds like now the kids from the school will get to use the jet to go home on weekends.

Here's my speculation of what happened. The Supt. did think the state was pulling the jet from use. She figured she had nothing to lose and talked to the paper. The Gov's office freaks out, because who wants to be The Governor That Kept Blind Kids From Their Parents, right? They haul in Jennings in the dead of night, along with General Services Lopez person and issue a joint press release blaming it all on the Journal. Jennings figures, why not? Jennings, however, doesn't realize her interview has been taperecorded (because in NM you don't have to tell people when you record them on the phone), so her retraction is a little silly. Nonetheless, they've still got Lopez to contradict the General Services' portion of the story, which he does by blaming a subordinate (charming) and pointing out that the subordinate hasn't been employed by GS very long (even more charming).
That's my guess.