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Thursday, June 02, 2005

brain not working

Proof: 1. Called yesterday to make over-the-phone mortgage payment only to discover I'd signed up for automatic withdrawal three months ago. 2. Woke up and went for women's health challenge masochistic walk thing and forgot sadistic pedometer so, essentially, walked for nothing! 3. was thinking about Bill Richardson when I woke up which probably means I was having some sort of dream with him in it (possible not proof of brain not working but just proof of brain not working well or right). Also woke up to text message on phone from Dan Frosch who had forgotten code for Darius' gated condo community and texted me after midnight. Don't know why I didn't hear phone chirping at me, except I had passed out pretty hard half an hour before after a pleasant dinner at Marisco's and a little more pleasant time passed at Bar B. (Hope Dan didn't have to scale wall or sleep behind bushes). Then woke up to Darius texting from NY at 7:30 AM (good lord) to tell me (us; mass text message) that he is in the city. Boys and their text-messaging. I swear.
So now it's just edging past 9 am and I'm waiting for morning meeting with Habitat for Humanity person. I wrote the meeting down on calendar (yay! Go team!) but neglected to write down what/why of meeting (always remember things except lately remember almost nothing). Well, I'm sure I'll find out. Boss told me yesterday he needed to hire an assistant to keep up on reading my blog. From most people this could be interpreted as "why you spending all your time on your blog when you should be doing your job" except boss knows how multi-taskey workaholic I am so probably didn't mean that. Will return later, hopefully with verbs.