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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Baca's Blog

Former Albuquerque mayor Jim Baca has started a blog. He tells me I inspired him to do so, but I'm guessing this was just a ploy to get me to visit (these politicians!). Actually, Jim Baca wasn't a very typical politician and these days he's the state's State’s Natural Resource Trustee. He was more of a Cisco McSorley type of politician (aka, the kind you could vote for without feeling like you needed to take a shower). Anyway, his blog is new and, thus far, a fun read. I particularly thought it was sweet that he referred to his son's girlfriend as his "soulmmate." I have extremely cynical parents (shocker, right?), although maybe they probably aren't as cynical as I am. Maybe cynicism is a genetic trait that strengthens as the generations pass. Although aren't genetic traits supposed to dilute as the generations pass? And isn't it a good thing this isn't a science blog?
Anyway, good for Jim Baca. I think everyone should have a blog. I have to admit, I have developed the habit of reading my intern's blog on a semi-regular basis, and I think she reads mine, which is a little funny. It's actually funny when you walk by someone's desk and see them reading your blog. It's like, "hello, I'm right here and I could tell you that story if you'd like." On the other hand, traffic is traffic.