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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

the b side

Ugh. I hate insomnia. Hate it much worse than random napping which, at least, results in feeling rested. Woke up at 3 am and am convinced source of 3 am nocturnal waky-waky was my brain interrupting world's stupidest dream. In the dream, I was at The Cowgirl (of course and how convenient, given that in real life I had just been there five hours before). In the dream, I ran into someone I didn't want to see. Now, just to digress for a moment, as a general matter, I have made it a point of personal conviction not to have people I don't want to see/talk to because, well, Santa Fe. Too small for such things and, as a second (although perhaps more primary) point, I think one should reserve any personal contention for political matters, like bad laws and such and not waste it on other people. But I have an exception for this ONE person, known for the purposes of this dream recounting as Worthless Witless Shithead (or WWS for short). So I run into WWS who is being so accurately moronic that it really didn't seem like a dream at all. I went back to my friends and tried to ignore WWS but noticed he was engaged in some kind of study group. So I gathered closer to investigate and saw he was with a group of people (who were, I believe, the same real life group of young people Darius was holding a study group with in real life earlier in the evening) and also at the table was my favorite tutor from St. John's (in real life) Phil Lecuyere. Mr. Lucuyere (in real life) has a pretty good poker face but, nonetheless, I could tell he thought WWS was as big a tool as I do (in real life and in the dream) and this made me happy. Then I woke up. THANK GOD. What a waste of subconscious time. As I lay in bed trying to troubleshoot my insomnia (which sounds mechanistic, but we are mechanisms basically) I decided there were several culprits. 1. stupid dream 2. bad placement of digital clock in sight-line of bed. Shouldn't matter if eyes are closed but perhaps eyes flutter open here and there and red digital numbers infiltrate brain 3. unnatural sleeping schedule as result of job. Left to own self, would stay up until 1 or 2 am and sleep until not sleepy anymore. Potential solutions: stop having stupid dreams, particularly ones about being at the Cowgirl, which may require going to Cowgirl less which will require, when friends say, "Let's just go to the Cowgirl," stomping small foot and saying, "No! For the love of God! No!" Problem is enjoy going to Cowgirl. Good menu and not expensive. 2. More realistically, move digital clock. 3. Get job at night. Not really a solution, though. So basically we're talking about moving a clock.
Am attempting to counter fatigue with rare second cup of coffee. Pointless endeavor as second cup of coffee always has odd effect of making me just as tired but jittery. Still, feels like the thing to do. Also, today is "budget" day, the day I get my monthly budget together, which may contribute to sleeplessness as budget day at work always coincides with personal bill-paying day, which makes it, basically, Pay Money Day, which is a hard thing to feel too excited about (Hate money, bills, budgeting, etc).
When I woke up for the second time, in the 7 am range, was thinking about Best of Santa Fe readers' poll. Feel this implies was probably dreaming about Best of SF readers' poll. Very glad I don't remember that dream.