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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

taking a deep breath

OK. Outtakes has been shipped to the art department (well, the art desk anyway), which gives me at least 45 minutes before something lands back on my desk. Blogging is probably not at the top of the list of things I should be doing with my 45-minute reprieve but, well, I've decided to view my brain like a mailbox that gets stuffed to the brim twice a day (kind of like my actual mailbox here). If you don't empty it how will there be room to put new stuff in it?
First things first: weekend goals.
Did not tan as it was cloudy and/or rainy all weekend. Was bitter up to about half an hour ago about the fact that today looked like beautiful poolside weather but now it's clouding over. Must make some reasonable attempt to think less often about the weather. Or at least talk about it less.
BBQs. First BBQ was told explicitly not to bring any food. Brought birthday cake anyway. Turned out to be one of 2 birthday cakes. This turned out to be perfectly fine as Finn and Tate, my friend Rick and Jen's identifical almost-four-year-old twins wanted cake before anyone else did, so we were able to let them have their cake and then have another with candles and singing for Jen's birthday. Also, must be noted, that Jen made me cheese enchiladas to eat and we laughed about the fact that many years ago (10? Jesus), her and Rick used to serve me those raw vegetable platters when I came for holiday meals because that's what they figured vegetarians ate.
Walked. Walked a lot. According to women's walking health challenge people I have walked more than 55 miles since walking challenge began. This may also explain why the main thing I did all weekend was:
SLEEP. My God, I slept like crazy. I had about two naps per every activity I accomplished (load of laundry followed by nap. Game of pool, followed by nap.). Was worried by morning that perhaps all this sleeping indicates some kind of unacknowledged depression, but Jonanna thinks, perhaps, it's just Lyme Disease or something.
Did not go to GoGos (see SLEEP). Did see Bing and Buster Keaton film Friday night. Fabulous!!! Did go to Red Ball for a little while. Sight of models up and down in outfits for fashion show required more SLEEP almost immediately afterwards. Or maybe that was the Cosmopolitan. Have noticed that drinks that are sweet make me instaneously exhausted, while non-sweet drinks do not. So have diagnosed myself with some kind of sugar sensitivity and decided to avoid sweet drinks as much as possible (Excepting the need for an occasional frozen margarita, particularly if I know I can go home and go to sleep).
Did take care of Lalo, Darius' cat. Which included watching him jump off balcony in what appeared to be sudden kitty suicide bomber move. Didn't want to leave him outside so stood on patio whispering loudly "Lalo!" for 20 minutes until he leapt back up. Cats are amazing how far they jump.
Did hang out with friends. Also with self, although mostly with unconscious self.
Did read book. "On Writing" by Ellen Gilchrist. Normally could do without books about writing, but I like Gilchrist's actual writing a lot so I made an exception. Was perfect "it's raining all day on Saturday" activity and, best part, the chapters were short so I could read one, pass out, wake up, and read another.
Woke up today oddly rejuvenated. Funny to think ONE EXTRA DAY off can make such a difference. Of course, normally I don't sleep half the weekend.
So, in summation: food, pool, music, movie, friends, reading, sleep, sleep, sleep.
Oh, also, set new goal during weekend which was to not run over tourists. Set this goal out of necessity as everywhere I went there were visitors wandering in the middle of the street. Clearly SF is marketing itself in towns where getting run over is less of a threat or, perhaps, in towns without cars, as most of the people kept looking at the cars with no visible recognition.