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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Shirley Baca, no dope

I thought The Trib did a better job with the E Shirley Baca story than The AP did in the story The New Mex carried, at least in terms of explaining the judicial reasons Baca's statements upon arrest were suppressed. The upshot is the charges were dropped due to lack of proper miranda rights. The best part of the story are the comments on the new mex page, particularly one from a reader saying it's a good thing being a dumb ass isn't against the law (no freakin' doubt).
I will say I agree wholeheartedly that it's aggravating that here's this woman who preaches a "Zero Tolerance" about drugs who gets caught with dope at the airport (which is a dumbass place to have contraband) and gets off scott free, all the while claiming she was framed—a really ridiculous claim that she should either backup with at least a theory or stop repeating. Personally I wouldn't mind learning that all public officials were secret pot smokers; it would at least explain a lot of their dopey decisions.