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Friday, May 27, 2005

Quest for Fun

OK, less than two hours to lift off (assuming we get done in the next less-than-two-hours what needs to be done). Here are my Memorial Day Weekend Goals.

* denotes footnote.

1. To stop being so goal oriented. It's not 1985 for God's sakes.
2. To lie at pool and tan untan parts of body (within reason) (also, if it rains all weekend like it is right now I am going to be pissed at…um, the weather)
3. To read more than two pages of a book in one sitting.*
4. To go see The GoGos on Saturday night at Route 66 casino ("Vacation's all I ever wanted...")
5. To not be lame and actually bring something to BBQ at BBQs.**
6. To clean my house, but only in a make-nice way, not an obsessive-compulsive "I only have two days off" way.***
7. To walk dogs a lot.****
8. Hang out with friends
9. Hang out with self *****
10. Avoid 132 East Marcy Street ****** and not let myself come in "just to check email." *******
11. Take care of Darius' cat ********

You will know if I succeed in said goals if this is my last post for three days.


* particularly given that I need to write a summer books preview for Summer Guide. But I plan to read in the "by the pool" way, not the "I'm on deadline" way. See Goal #1.
** Will write book one day titled "The Only Vegetarian at the Barbecue," possibly as autobiography, definitely not cookbook.
*** This may seem as though it thwarts Goal #1, but relaxing in clean environment easier than relaxing in crazy All My Clothes Are On My Bed environment.
**** and not just because I feel guilty.
***** Not in New Age way.
****** that's where SFR is located.
******* No, I don't have Internet access at home. I know this seems bizarre and retro but I decided at some point that I get 10 hours a day of DSL at work, why do I need to go online at home? Answer: I do not. Thus, home is Internet-free zone where only old-fashioned things happen, like reading, listening to music and, um, butter churning (blech)
******** but not in "oh yet another responsibility because I'm so goal-oriented way," rather in a relaxed Zen-like benficient, "friendship is eternal" kind of way.

As the interns say: peace out.