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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Public Editor Okrent's Farewell

I've written about The New York Times Public Editor column before. In the beginning I loved it. Then, as time moved on, I became disillusioned as some of his opinions about how things should work journalistically made less and less sense and as he continued to ignore me when I wrote in! (which is really not very ombudsmanish, IMO)
Now, Daniel Okrent is moving on and has a farewell interview with him that is pretty good, although it probably makes more sense and is more interesting if you've actually been reading The Public Editor for the last 18 months in a semi-fanatical way.
On another note, in addition to being interested in a job as a political joke writer, I would love to have a job as the Public Editor of The New York Times. That would be super dope.
I would not, however, ever want a public editor/ombudsman employed here. I can just imagine some person, parked outside my office, questioning my every move. That would suck, particularly given that I don't even have an assistant to help me make copies.