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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Prairie Dog Companion

prairie dog

I don't have time to write right now. This is the flip side of 3 days off—Tuesday morning hell. Still, have to at least take a moment to acknowledge how great it is that Santa Fe is the type of place where removing prairie dogs humanely is a city law! This in response to weekend story about the prairie dogs at the Railyard that are being relocated to Socorro. We were just talking about those prairie dogs over the weekend, because it used to be when you were at the light at St. Francis and Cerrillos and looked over they'd all be sitting by the side of the road watching the traffic (and occasionally flinging themselves into it). What is it about those prairie dogs? It's not just me and my tendency to anthropomorphisize (can't spell right now and spell check won't help me for some reason) everything. Everyone (well, except people with strong feelings about "varmints") feels this way about prairie dogs. This reminds me of a funny story from one time when a prairie dog was hiding in the dog house I used to have under my car port. It was yelling really loudly so I called "Vector Control" at Santa Fe County. The guy who answered asked me to imitate the sound the prairie dog was making which, like a fool, I readily tried to do. The guy said, "Oh, he's just saying he misses his mom."
Oh Santa Fe.