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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


So it's Wednesday, the typical day of rest for anyone living La Vida SFR schedule (paper hit the streets this morning, Annual Manual safely ensconsed in its pages), but it's also been a Day of Many Meetings, hence the lack of thoughts for ye old blog. Also, I got my nose pierced yesterday and I believe doing so may have short-circuited my brain (and some would argue that having done so is proof my brain had already short circuited). To be frank, I was surprised by how much it hurt. I always thought that having one's navel pierced was supposed to be more painful, but that didn't hurt so bad. This smarted like the dickens and I don't feel quite right yet (For proof, look at the fact that I just used the phrase, "like the dickens."). Also got my hair cut. Now, despite piercing the nose and cutting the hair, I look exactly the same, almost as if my appearance is some immutable fact I can't seem to alter no matter what I do. Oh well, so much for all that. On the bright side, I think piercing my nose has caused my allergies to retreat, perhaps just in shock. And my hair looks much less overgrown and unkempt. So you can see why I've neglected this blog today—who the hell wants to read about my nose and my hair, I ask you? (Of course, reading is optional).
I had a little email back and forth today w/ a New Mex reporter today who also blogs. I'm not sure if I should name him, but suffice it to say he's one of the best reporters over there and I always like reading him. Today's chat was regarding my feeling that it's WRONG for the Journal and New Mex to follow our stories and not acknowledge the fact that they are doing so. He says newspapers are under no such requirement to say that another paper had the story first. I say, requirement, no, but it's the right thing to do because to not do so negates the context of the reporting. We always say, when we follow a story, for example: "While the New Mex reported last week A, this week SFR has learned B," or, perhaps, "While The New Mex last week reported A, what was not acknowledged was B" or some such thing. Otherwise, it's like the news exists in some weird vacuum, IMO. It's the same as the way the dailies, when endorsing political candidates, only write about the ones they've chosen and why they are the best choice, and make no mention of the other candidates. I think it's weird and a disservice to readers. Now the writers here sometimes don't feel like acknowledging the dailies, but they are required to. A, they can't follow a daily story without new news and if they do follow a daily they have to make it clear in their writing that they are doing so.
In other thoughts, I liked the AP story today about Richardson paying for jokes at The Gridiron Club. I finally found a job I'd like if I ever leave this one: writing jokes for politicians. I think that would be very fun and I think, really, I might be good at it. So, you know, just pass that along to anyone looking to hire a political joke writer.
Blech. I have meetings starting in 60 seconds that will last the rest of the afternoon. Think of me fondly, dear readers, my shorn locks, my swollen nose, stuck in a conference room, dreaming of the frozen margarita that awaits me as soon as this day is done.