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Friday, May 06, 2005

Other People's Typos

I've learned, over the years, that making fun of other papers' typos isn't usually a good idea. Usually, what happens next, is I make some sort of horrific typo myself—often while trying to mock the typo in question. Still, can't help myself. Today's New Mex has a headline that reads:

Pit bulls attack pregnant cow at La Cienga-area farm

"La Cienga" also appears in the story and the cutline.

Since the event in question (which is terrible) was set on Los Pinos Road, I'm assuming that was supposed to be La Cienega. Also, since the typo repeated three times in cutline, hed and story I'm assuming the copyeditor wasn't familiar with La Cienega. So much for the homegrown oldest paper in the West.

So, I submitted my blog to the New Mex's blog page where they list local blogs. Let's see if they ignore me. Actually, let's bet on it. Takers?