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Thursday, May 26, 2005

My Life as Sitcom

I just finished telling Jonanna, as we took a brief break on the dilapitated picnic table out our back door, my conviction that my life has turned into a sitcom, as evidenced by last night. Darius and I went to the Cowgirl. A. I am at the Cowgirl way too often, in the same way that sitcom characters always go to the same places all the time (the same bar, the same coffeeshop). We bickered over who had to sit with their back to the wall and split a brownie sundae (which I really wish he'd stop ordering as I'm powerless to resist them). Then Emily and Sandra came up. Just like in a sitcom, where the group of friends just keep arriving to the same places. Em is on crutches having fractured a bone in (near?) her ankle. B, secondary plotline. Had a trip planned, broke her ankle playing basketball, pushes back trip etc. Witty conversation ensues. Other minor characters come and go, say hello etc. Darius and I continue on to play pool—recurring plot line. We play very very badly (also recurring and, in my opinion, due to sugar coma). See Rocque Ranaldi spinning. Am informed by him that his mother googled him, found my blog and gave him the pages where I mentioned him. Sitcom character Julia Goldberg reacts in true form by becoming speechless and wishing she'd spontaneously combust. Refrains from running from room only by fact of wearing four inch shoes that she has fallen down in many times (which are, for the record "cactus" color, according to former shoe-buyer sister). Darius and Julia walk back to his car, which is now parked next to Jonanna's car. Darius very amused by Rocque's mother finding Julia's Blog plotline. Amused and teases her all the way home. Julia finally gets home, exhausted, only to learn she's lost her pedometer. Calls Darius, who finds it in his car. He then text messages her at 6 am when said pedometer rudely wakes him up because it has an alarm that likes to announce, "It is 6 am" for no apparent reason. (No reason other than its alarm is set for 6 am and I can't figure out how to turn it off).
OK, granted, it's a character-driven sitcome with no plot, but there have been many of those. Maybe all small towns feel like a sitcom. Maybe having a regular job and being at the same place with the same people every day makes life feel sitcomish. Maybe I am way too much a product of the '80s and am seeing things through that culturally-deprived lens (although I'm not really culturally deprived). I don't even like sitcoms and never watch them.
I think I need to get more than 6 hours sleep tonight.