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Friday, May 27, 2005

Here's how holidays work

at ye old Santa Fe Reporter
Monday we are closed, thus:
Friday is Monday
Thursday is Friday
Wednesday is Thursday

That means today we have Monday deadlines. Monday deadlines without Monday ennui. It's so brilliant, really. I am a big fan of the three-day weekend, although perhaps if they were less rare I would not be.
I am going to edit the cover story now and then perhaps return and mention last night's fun show at El Paseo.
In case I am sucked into the black hole go see Bing perform tonight at The Lensic for The Buster Keaton film. It is going to be fun.
And also drive carefully. It's Friday, aka, COP DAY. (This is not paranoia; on Friday the cops all come out and pull people over. I'm telling you).
And remember, it doesn't matter WHAT you barbecue, only THAT you barbecue.
Have almost finished making modifications to the way the blog looks. I think. Actually I'll probably keep tweaking. I'll know I'm done when I'm done.
Is that Zen or what?
(That's probably not Zen at all. I'm way too goal-oriented to be Zen).
I think finishing this cup of coffee is a bad idea.