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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Freestyle—the Movie

Just got an email (yeah I'm at work on a Sunday) that Freestyle, The Art of Rhyme", is coming out on DVD May 24. This is a really dope documentary that traces the underground evolution of early DJs and MCs and has some of the best hip hop footage I've ever seen (true, I like every movie that has Mos Def in it and you throw in some Blackthought and Guestlove and I'm as happy as I get.) But what I loved about this movie was how fresh it was. You never felt like you were hearing anything you'd heard a million times before, or seeing what you'd already seen. It felt as organic as the scene itself was. Part of that is because director Kevin Fitzgerald, aka DJ Organic kept working on the movie for something like seven years, so there's the same feeling of evolution to the movie that there is to hip hop. The movie was part of Fitzgerald's Center for Hip Hop Education
Check it out!