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Monday, May 02, 2005

Arrested Development

originally uploaded by votergirl.
First off, no, this is not a photo I took at May 1 Arrested Development's show at the College of Santa Fe. I did shoot some photos, on my phone, but they look like crap. Now, I was this close to the band, but between the camera-phone, the rain, and the fact that I am, as they say, vertically challenged, the photos looked pretty lame, so I just figured I'd give you a better approximation.
The show was great and anyone who didn't go (which was, apparently, quite a few folks) really missed out. Now, from what I can gather, not that many people know who Arrested Development was. I can understand that. They were only around from 92 to 96 or so and, though they won two grammies, that was more than 10 years ago. Still, the show was really fun, even without the sunshine, and it's always pretty great to see any live music that is well produced in a setting where you can get close enough to really hear it (although as hip hop shows go it was a little bizarre, crowd wise, aka college, aka patchouli).
But, Speech ended the show by asking everyone who attended to tell everyone they knew that they had gone to a hip hop show that wasn't about violence and frontin', so consider yourselves told. And, next time there's a Fan Man show, consider going! I'm actually old enough to remember Santa Fe when there was no Fan Man trying to keep live music from outside coming through our little 'burg, and it was a sadder and quieter time. You can find out more about Fan Man's shows and get on the mailing list here.