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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

There's Something in My Eye

Sometimes I feel as though I am writing a weather weblog—an undertaking I am not qualified and one I can't imagine anyone would have much interest in but, jeez, what was up with the wind last night? I was at the gym, as I usually am most evenings, and it was extremely deserted. Then, driving home, I noticed there were no cars on the road. I then observed what seemed to be a mini-tornado sweeping the town. I was struck, at that point, by the realization that I might be about to experience an ironic death, one in which I was swept away in a tornado that I, newshound, didn't even know was happening. But, friends, I have lived to blog another day. Guess it was just a wind storm or, rather, a dirt storm. My eyes still haven't recovered from the mistake of rolling down my window at one point. I think an entire chamisa bush flew into my right eye.
Onto other news. Oh wait, the only other news these days is the pope's funeral and successor. Now, as one might have gleaned, I am not a person with a HUGE amount of religious feeling, although I try not to begrudge other's theirs. However, I am a bit surprised that the Pope's funeral is being covered in this non-stop manner, as if everything else had ceased to exist. I also am surprised by the venom with which other non-religious feeling type friends of mine seem to experience over this event. I don't feel angry, just mildly bored at this point and wishing CNN et. al might turn a bit attention to Alberto Gonzales' testimony about The Patriot Act.
Senate hearings are about to begin. You can get up to speed, although this NYT article isn't particularly illuminating, here:
NY Times Article on Patriot Act renewal
What else? Well, closer to home prison guards, apparently, miss The Duran Consent Decree which, in addition to helping prisoners, was apparently of help to guards as well. One of those rare times when the master and servant are served mutually, apparently.
And our good old friend, City Councilor David Pfeffer, apparently wants to join The MinuteMen in guarding the border for illegal immigrants. That's lovely. I think the Council should pay to send him there…for as long as he wants.