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Monday, April 11, 2005


Well, my weekend is a blur. On the one hand, there's the 15 or so hours spent at this very desk working on Annual Manual (don't get me started). Then there also was a fair amount of fun. It began at Ohkay Casino in San Juan Pueblo Friday night, where Darius, Grace, Jonanna and I met up with Ruben and Angela to check out Morris Day and The Time. Jonanna and I have been singing Jungle Love to each other (not to each other actually, more at each other) nonstop for about a week. What a great show. Totally crazy, and it ended magnificently with Darius getting his album signed by Day, Jerome and Jelly Bean. Then Saturday night it was a great party at SFR Publisher Andy Dudzik's house where we watched the Trading Spaces premiere featuring Andy and Pamela Thompson. I thought the show turned out great—and Andy's green chile is always a must-have. Now it's cold/sunny/warm/allergy/snowing in Santa Fe and Annual Manual continues to suck my life blood, but as long as I remember the eternal words of Morris Day I think I'll be OK.

U - U've got a pretty car
I think I wanna drive it (drive it)
I ain't playin', said I drive a little dangerous
Take U 2 my crib, rip U off ... huh! (Jungle love)

C'mon—you know you wanna hear it.

Jungle Love clip