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Monday, April 18, 2005

My Oldest Dearest Friend Sonya

has requested her name be prominant in this entry and now it is. She also just sent me a link to a case she worked on in Switzerland, which is this huge restitution case for Holocaust victims. Now, for those of you who don't know Sonya, being a lawyer in Switzerland is only the latest of her long and storied career. She also has been a lawyer in Holland, a fisherwoman in Alaska, a private detective in Seattle, a cop reporter in Seattle and, along with me, a bench painter in Santa Fe, NM.
In other news…well, I'm kind of obsessed with the moment about the whole black smoke through the chimney of the sistine chappel to keep people apprised of the pope vote. Wish we could do something comparable at SFR: emit smoke through the chimney to let people know when the paper is finished. Or maybe I could just be allowed to smoke at my desk when the paper is finished.
Spent way too many hours at the cowgirl this weekend. All that summer weather demanded margaritas. Also, had Heather and Brad for the weekend, who are now about town looking for somewhere to get married later in the week. I like a laid-back wedding. We go to press Wednesday with An Man. H & B get married Thursday. And on Friday night…well, you will probably find me somewhere drinking something. In the meantime, must barrell through the weekend papers. Noticed El Mitote ripped off our brief on the Huddy Pfeffer situation last week, which is odd as why didn't they write it a week before…everyone already knew.