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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Is My Head Still Attached to my Body?

I am having an odd week. Not sure what is making it odd, exactly, but I've made a choice not to blame it on the weather. (Although, my goodness, it is windy right now).
Am mostly trying to recover from the Anman production cycle (saw the proofs yesterday), the wedding events (saw some pics yesterday, quite lovely) and The flap over our Fred Phelps story (have made conscious decision not to go on tirade about freedom of the press, information versus silence).
Last night I went to hear/see journalist Zelie Pollon's wonderful presentation on her Iraq trip. It was very powerful and important information and I was so pleased to see such a good attendence. You can read Zelie's story for us on her experiences here
Prior to embedding with the Army, Zelie's work focused on interviewing/documenting Iraqis and her Baghdad Project is, in my mind, some of the most inclusive and interesting journalism on the experience for the people of Iraq that I've seen.