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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Yes, It's a Rainbow

it's a rainbow
it's a rainbow,
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Word on the street (OK, in the hallway here) is that in response to the visit announced by Phelps' Church 'O Hate, local businesses and residences not in favor of crazy bigotry will post these rainbows in their windows. (Kind of like that late '80s thing here where we had the "Another Business Against WIPP" stickers all around town. Actually, stickers that said, "Another Business Against Crazy Bigoted Assholes" might not be a bad idea, although, I suppose, rainbows are a bit less angry sounding.
This is, I've been told, the idea of P-FLAG and I hope it takes off. Feel free to steal this little rainbow off the site.
In other semi-related news (as in, it's also about religious fanatics), I found Krugman's column about the need for people, like doctors and moderates, to stand up against religious zealots (yes, I'm paraphrasing) right on the money.
Particularly given the insane hypocrisy of it all. This LA Times story about Tom DeLay's decision to let his own father die in peace pretty much brings that point home.
I guess I'm a bit tired of the Terri Schiavo situation—reading about it, that is—though not as tired as Christopher Hitchens, based on this piece in Slate. I know liberals aren't supposed to like Hitchens (or so I gathered when Tariq Ali disparaged him in his talk preceding Noam Chomsky), but I can't help it. I have a soft spot for scathing sarcasm. If you make it to Slate, I'd also check out this article by Shafer which rips LA Times columnist David Shaw look very, very silly.