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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Random Thoughts

My email is, occasionally, very amusing. At least to me. For example:

Hi Julia,

 I read your recent interview with Noam Chomsky and wanted to contact you to let you know that Vonage, The Broadband Phone Company, is a revolutionary and cost saving tool for your readers.  A few quick questions before you tell me that your readers are not into something “techy” like this:
· Do they have phones?
·  Do they know how to dial a phone number?
·  Do they make local or long distance phone calls?
·    Do they get overpriced phone bills?
·  Can they plug one thing into another?

I have to wonder if Christie from Nike Communications, Inc. actually did read my Noam Chomsky interview, as there doesn't seem to be, to me, anything in that to inspire anyone to think I want to write an article on telephone service, or whatever it is she's selling. Now, if you would like to read my Noam Chomsky interview, you can find it at:Chomsky's website and do please tell me if it makes you become interested in a new telephone service.

In other random thoughts, I just went outside for a few moments to soak up the sunshine (and, yes, smoke a cigarette. I know, I'm disgusting) and wondered, as I do quite often, WHY there are so many cars driving all around Santa Fe all day long. Where are people going? What are they doing? And must they speed so rapidly down Marcy Street while they go wherever it is they are going? There are small people trying to cross the street, after all.
OK, back to getting the paper out!