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Monday, March 14, 2005

In like a Lion

It's Snowing in Santa Fe this morning. From the looks of it, it snowed all night. What do you get when you have three days of 60-degree weather with lots of blue skies and sunshine, followed by cold grey mornings with several inches of snow on the windshield? March in Santa Fe, of course.
Lambda Legal, a national organization working on equal civil rights for the GBLT community, is hosting a rally this morning, from 9:30 am on, at The Roundhouse, to protest SB 597. So put on your mittens, civil-rights' kittens—and get on over there. I wish I could go! Alas, we are in the midst of trying to meet Press Deadline Numero Uno for Spring Guide (your guide to dressing for a season with 40-degree temperature variations).
Also, must catch up on weekend newspapers and listen to the eight (insert sigh here) messages on the phone. More soon.