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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Hello Blizzard

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Last night I turned off the lights in my home office (also known as The Room With Too Many Books) and spent quite a while staring out the window as the snow gathered on the pine trees in my front yard. And gathered, and gathered, and gathered...
This morning's drive into work was treacherous and, yet, strangely exciting. Let's face it, this is one major storm we're having and, like all major news events, it has its downsides (were any of the streets plowed this morning? Even a little bit) and its benefits: natural beauty, for one, and that slight adrenelin rush one gets when encountering extreme situations).
A few calls this morning from people wondering if we were here. Yes, we're not just here, we're on deadline. The press never sleeps! OK, truth be told, I kind of like the sense of mission and urgency that comes when one is putting out a paper despite outside influences threatening the entire endeavor (Hello, drama queen much). Like 9.11, although this blizzard is signficantly less intense than that. But, you know, none of us really questioned getting here. The only ones missing right now are the Madrid residents, and even I might not have braved HWY 14 this morning.
The sad news is I had to cancel going to the governor's tonight for the dinner with Al Franken. I was quite looking forward to it but, really, the idea of going home down Agua Fria to let the dogs out and then coming back into town and heading up Bishop's Lodge Road only to turn around at 9 or 10 pm and return home, while it was still snowing, seemed, um, a little much. A lot much. I'm adventurous, but I'm not a total lunatic. Also, my car really sucks in this weather.
OK, enough about the weather. Looking forward to seeing how the blizzard (oh wait, still talking about the weather) affects today's city election. Turn-out already was predicted to be low. I'm thinking it's going to be really, really bad.
The governor is threatening a special section if he doesn't get tax cuts, preK and other program funding. Damn, I really wanted to go tonight. OK, it's fine, calm down. It's supposed to snow for another 24 hours straight! Jesus, I'm still talking about the weather. Well, that's all anyone is talking about, right?