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Friday, March 11, 2005

Grubesic and Why His Accident Doesn't Matter

I'm not saying public officials should get a free pass if they screw up. They shouldn't and, lots of times, they don't. But I would like to print the Santa Fe Senator's testimony during the Defense of Marriage Act hearing and say that if I had a choice between a senator who says what he said but lied to the cops after he tipped his car and a senator who never had a car accident and freaked out but supports bills like the DOMA, I'm gonna take the first.


"This bill is only four lines.  Four lines of fear, four lines of hate, four lines of mistrust, four lines of dissension,  four lines of segregation, four lines of telling a group of people, “You're different than us."   I can’t support doing this to individuals.   This bill is designed to hurt people.   That’s what this bill does.   I have loving, kind, loyal gay friends.   This bill foists more hatred, brings fear, it’s a waster of time.   We tear each other apart.   As a people, we love wars not reconciliation.   We are singling out a group of people for exclusion, and that’s wrong.   We all know this bill is designed to hurt people and nothing else.  I don't want to be a party to hurting people and telling them 'You're beneath us.'"