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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Good Morning Weather

Kita in the Snow
Kita in the Snow,
originally uploaded by votergirl.
Yes, that's my oldest dog, Kita, looking out at the backyard, from my porch, this morning. Yesterday, one of our reporters here said a good thing about not being a daily paper is not having to run around writing "weather" stories. But I disagree. Weather is so interesting and for dogs, weather is the morning news. Now, if the dogs had any memory whatsoever, this morning's snow might not have taken them by surprise (Nero is not pictured because he took one look at the weather and went back inside and back to bed. Very lazy) as they were taken for a walk in it yesterday when I got home from work. Walk, though, might be a slight mistatement as we didn't get very far. Kita kept sinking and, finally, gave up and just lay down for most of the walk.
OK, enough about the weather.
Morning headlines:
New Mex: Storm Slams Region
Journal North: Winter Hangs On
Santa Fe Reporter: Spring Guide 2005

Hmm. Guess we're a little out of step. But, ya know, this is spring weather around here. A little sun, a little snow or, well, a lot of snow.
The city's gross receipts tax for water passed, albeit with only 4 percent turnout. Quoted in the Journal, Mayor Larry Delgado speculated: "I'm not sure if it was apathy or just people busy with their lives."
Or, possibly, the freaking blizzard.