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Friday, March 18, 2005

Drugs in the News

Am frazzled from being behind on a million things for next week's paper, the week after that and, my favorite, Annual Manual, so I'll keep this brief. I have been struck, lately, by how much drug-news there is in the news. Here's today's Journal as a case in point:

There were 54 federal indictuments for everything from cash smuggling to drug trafficking, after a nine-month investigation of a drug pipeline from Mexico to EspaƱola.

The County's remodel of a section of the juvie jail into an adolescent treatment facility is going to cost an extra $450,000, due to problems with construction because of the jail's inpenetrable walls. Yeah, that sounds more like due to the greed of the firm doing the work.

Albuquerque police busted six people in the Marriott there who were smoking meth and making fake checks (god, there's just so much more to do in Albuquerque)

Meanwhile, in the New Mex, the medical marijuana bill is stalled out on the House floor, caught in a political maneuvering that, it sounds like, is bullshit. I can't believe it made it this far and the governor said he would sign it.

I guess that's not that much drug news, but it jumped out at me nonetheless.

OK, must go find someone to interview.