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Friday, March 11, 2005

Die Juniper, Die!

I don't think of myself as a hater, but I feel no love for the Juniper plant. It is the reason my head is about to explode, my temper is short, my eyes are burning and my right ear feels as though it's detached from my body. Freaking allergies.
I am one of those many people who never had allergies until a few years ago, and there are some real downsides to suddenly having allergies. First off, you don't know how to treat them because you aren't used to them and then everyone and their brother recommends things so you end up spending tons of money on crap that may or may not work or may work once but not the next time or may make you unable to sleep one time and knock you out the next time. Ugh!
OK, onto more exciting topics...
sorry, I dozed off there.
Tonight is the Human Rights Alliance banquet where SFR, amongst others, will receive an award for our support of the HRA community. I am, ostensibly, supposed to make some remarks and should, ostensibly, be working on those remarks right now. Those remarks, if my mood doesn't improve, may consist of my lambasting all public officials and calling upon everyone to right the capitol. Oh, I guess inciting riots is illegal, eh?
Then, tomorrow night, I will check out Henry Rollins and see if he's got anything to say (ha! Of course he does). Then head to The Paramount for the Young SITE SF party, of which SFR is a co-sponsor. Tuesday I have been invited to the governor's mansion for a dinner with Al Franken. Yes, I know, exciting! And odd, frankly. I'm more interested in having a word with the governor about this bloody DOMA bullshit, but I guess I'll try to not cause a scene at dinner (unless that would keep me from being invited back, that is). Oh, so adolescent despite my advancing years.
On the Grubesic front, the news gets more and more weird and the headlines continue to take different approaches.

Friday, March 11, here's the SF New Mex hedline:

Reports shed light on Grubesic wreck

And The Journal:

Report Shows Grubesic Lied to Cops

Now, while the new mex's hedline is softer, its subhed is: A night of scotch and sore feelings ended with a rolled SUV, two guns and conflicting versions of what occurred

while The Journal's was: Senator Denied He Was Driver

The entire incident is, well, discouraging, but I have to admit the part I like best is that the people Grubesic was hanging out with, before he rolled his gun-laden car, said he didn't seem drunk, just upset that his bill to ban smoking in restaurants hadn't passed.
Everything always gets blamed on smokers.