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Monday, March 28, 2005

Big Bill

I am officially not a fan of Mondays. I just can't believe how eight hours steamrolls by and I haven't even had a chance to sit down and write anything. On the bright side, just getting caught up has taken so much of my time today that I haven't really gathered any earth-shattering newsbits or insights.
I did overhear an amusing conversation at the gym this weekend, in which one state worker said to the other: "Can I get in now to work on Richardson's next campaign? I need a better job."
Richardson seems to permeate any political conversation I have lately. Another person asked me today if I thought they should bother running within the party for the central committee, or if they would just end up doing Richardson's bidding and nothing they actually cared about. It's an interesting exercise, or study I guess, in power. He's got it and everybody knows it. Meanwhile, the Sunday New Mex was filled with angry letters about John Grubesic and Phil Griego (two names I might not have thought to see together). The truth is, anyone can recover from just about any political embarassment if they spin it right. That's why Matt is still on the council, Fran is still behind the bench and Howard Dean is in charge of the Dems, such as they are. Personally, I don't care all that much about people's mistakes, if they apologize, are forthright, try to improve and didn't commit any conflict of interest acts involving money in the process. Still, I find it slightly odd that people have, apparently, such high expectations for their elected officials, despite little, if any, proof that such expectations are warranted. And it's always about these types of issues, never about political or issue issues, that get people riled up. Kind of like The American President... except less, um, romantic.
OK, I am going to return to slogging through a week's worth of papers for 7 Days, editing Annual Manual copy and trying, as hard as possible, to not rub my burning eyes. Will attempt to blog more interestingly tomorrow.