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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


I'm so aggravated right now I can't even really articulate the plethora of emotions and thoughts running through my head —and running through the conversations at SFR right now—about the DOMA bill that passed the state senate this afternoon. What really blows my mind is that the state supposedly is modeling its economic development plan on Richard Florida's Rise of the Creative Class but seems happily oblivious to the fact that areas that aren't gay-friendly don't have strong economies because people with money and ideas DON'T WANT TO LIVE IN THOSE PLACES.
And that ain't even the tip of the iceberg, not to mention civil rights. Call in to the governor's office to find out if he plans to sign this thing if it makes it through the House. In the meantime, here's the crowing press release from the Republicans:

Senate Bill 597 - Definition of Marriage Passed 25-12
Santa Fe-  Families in New Mexico are in trouble but now there is hope that they can be strengthen as their foundation is defined in a  bill that passed the New Mexico State Senate today.  The Definition of Marriage bill, sponsored by State Senator Bill Sharer,  passed  25-12 after over two and a half hours of debate.
"Marriage is the foundation of our families and families are what have made our society great. Now that marriage is clearly defined in law as between a man and a woman, we can once again start re-building on that foundation and start strengthening  our families," Senator Sharer said.
Senator  Bill Sharer  said the intent of the bill is to strengthen the foundation of families for generations to come. 
"Our foundation of marriage has been broken and we have chipped away at it for decades. Now there is hope we can put our families back together.  The bill that passed today is one of various family- strengthening bills in the Senate.
"It is clear, simple and straightforward," Senator  Sharer said.  "My bill defines marriage in New Mexico as being between a man and a woman."
Senator Sharer said current law simply states marriage is a civil contract between people capable of making a contract.  He wants to make certain the people are a man and a woman.
"I want to define marriage in law as it has been defined by society for thousands of years.  This has nothing to do with denying anyone any rights.  It is solely recognizing what marriage is and has always been in our society," Senator Sharer said.  "Lately,  people  seem to be confused about what marriage is."
The Definition of Marriage bill now goes to the House for consideration. But Senator Sharer fears that time is running out for the bill to be heard in House committees and then passed on the House floor.
"Time is now an issue to make this bill through the system," Senator Sharer said. "There are less than ten days to go.  For the sake of our families and for generations to come, I hope the bill will make it through its committee assignments because I believe it will be passed once it hits the House floor."