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Sunday, March 13, 2005

And the Weekend Draws to a Close

Well, here at work on a Sunday afternoon, watching our beautiful spring weather sucked away into another cold, wet day, wishing, dreaming of summer and also, wishing, dreaming I wasn't wearing sandals!
Friday night's Human Rights Alliance banquet was both fun and informative.
The key note speaker at the event was Evan Wolfson, Executive Director of Freedom to Marry and author of Why Marriage Matters: America, Equality and Gay People’s Right to Marry. He really put the battle over same-sex marriages into the historical context of civil rights' battles of yore in a way I think was extremely important.
The Reporter was honored, as were artists/activists Roger Montoya and Diane Reyna.
I spoke for a few minutes although, as per usual, I can't quite recall what I said. I have a nerve-wracking habit, when I have public speaking to do, of just letting thoughts and ideas gell in my head and bank on all of it forming sentences that reach my mouth once the microphone is in hand. I think I did OK. All I really wanted to say is that SFR supports issues important to the GLBT community not because they are, per se, gay issues but because I, too, believe this is the civil rights battle of our time and I want myself, and the paper, to be on record as being on the side of equal rights for all.
Hmm. Anyway.
Henry Rollins, then, on Saturday night, a 21/2 hour "performance" reminiscent of Spalding Gray, perhaps, in that it was a monologue with many sidebars and political rants but, I thought, engaging and artfully rendered. Also, frankly, a relief in these times of ours to hear someone speak frankly and rawly of anger at the government. Rollins was less charming when he spoke of women but I can't remember the last time I heard any man speak of women in a particularly endearing manner, so perhaps it's me. (sidenote: it isn't).
Then, the SITE party at The Paramount, headlined by DJ Jay-J. The big knock-out, I thought, was Latrice Barnett, an amazing singer I hope to hear again. Also enjoyed the set by locals Ray Charles Ives.
More thoughts tomorrow on these topics (maybe) and oh so much more. Now, it's out into the cold and then Whole Foods to buy coffee. I had none when I awoke this morning and that was not a nice way to begin Sunday morning!